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3 teach abroad locations where you can trade your winter coat for shorts and a t-shirt

The first big snow events of the year have already rocked the Midwest and Northeast regions of the United States and even some areas of the Southeast. Many people are ready to pack their bags to head for warmer climates. Teaching abroad can make this a reality. Once you choose your location, Apostille Courier Express can help you authenticate documents with an Apostille from the US State Department; this makes the VISA process a breeze (not the cold winter kind).


Explore beautiful Madrid and immerse yourself in a Spanish speaking culture. Many programs, including this program from the CIEE, pair intensive Spanish language preparation with a short hotel stay to provide a soft landing in beautiful Madrid. You could ring in the new year in the famous Puerta del Sol or visit the Museo del Prado.


Sydney touts some of the most famous landmarks in Australia, such as the Sydney Opera House. The cost of living can be higher than many places in the United States, and the jetlag can be difficult to adjust to, but don’t let that keep you from experiencing all that Sydney has to offer. While Australia is an English-speaking country, there are still some opportunities to teach ESL courses.

South Korea

Teaching abroad in South Korea is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in South Korean culture by teaching an English language immersion program. Some famous landmarks include Juju island, a volcanic island featuring mountains, beaches, and a tropical forest as well as the Insadong Shopping district in Seoul.

Whatever destination you choose to teach abroad in, trust Apostille Courier Express with getting your official documents apostilled!

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Do you need to designate an agent for power of attorney before you move overseas?

Power of Attorney is a legal status allowing another person or group to exercise legal or financial matters on your behalf. There are several different types of power of attorney, which vary in scope and duration: general power of attorney, special power of attorney, health care power of attorney, and durable power of attorney.

Special Power of Attorney

One common type of power of attorney we recommend our customers look into is special power of attorney. If you are moving overseas and have to sell personal property such as a house, it may be necessary for you to enter into a special power of attorney contract allowing an agent (or multiple agents) to handle business matters on your behalf. Special power of attorney differs from general power of attorney in that it is limited in scope to specific agreed upon circumstances. If someone needs to carry out extensive transactions on your behalf, a general power of attorney agreement might be more appropriate. Both general power of attorney and special power of attorney can be made “durable” causing them to continue if you become incapacitated. We recommend consulting with a lawyer or fiduciary before signing any documents.

As with most legal documents, to be recognized in other countries power of attorney agreements need to be authenticated first. Apostille Courier Express can get your documents apostilled or authenticated for these countries. Contact us with any questions about the apostille or authentication process!

February Blogpost


Culinary Cuisine of South Korea

South Korean food has a long, rich history which is best experienced in person! If working, traveling or studying abroad will bring you to South Korea, be sure to try a few of our favorite dishes.


Kimchee has been a staple of the South Korean diet for over 2000 years! This dish, consists of spicy, fermented cabbage and other vegetables. According to CNN Travel, there are over 100 types of kimchee! Aside from tasting great, kimchee contains probiotics which are an important part of digestive health. This distinctly Korean dish is reason enough to travel to South Korea!


This grilled pork belly dish is popular in Korean BBQ. If you order this dish in a Korean restaurant you will frequently cook the dish yourself on a grill at the table. This delicacy is frequently served with fresh vegetables and served as a wrap. Samgyeopsal is celebrated in Korea on March 3rd due to the three layers of the dish.


This dish of sliced beef or pork originated over 1000 years ago during the Goguryeo era. The meat is marinated and barbequed to create a unique flavor which has traveled the world as a popular fusion dish. In fact, many South Korean fast food restaurants sell bulgogi hamburgers.

What’s your favorite dish?

If you are traveling to South Korea, you have many great culinary treats waiting for you! Be sure to tweet @ApostilleCE with your favorite Korean dishes.

No matter the reason for your travel, trust Apostille Courier express to carry your federal documents to the US State Department. For more information visit us at

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Traveling to Portugal

Traveling to Portugal will expose you to beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, fantastic architecture, and distinctive culture. Portugal has so much to offer, you may consider staying longer than the 90 days permitted without a VISA. Apostille Courier Express can help get documents apostilled for the VISA process.

portugal beaches

Portugal’s beaches are famous for sea caves such as Guia do Algarve.  Beachgoers flock to the caves for the Instagram-worthy scenery! Portugal’s beaches also offer one of the world’s best surf locations. Nazare, a Portuguese beach, has some of the biggest waves in the world. Praida Rainha is another fabulous beach which is only a short train ride from Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon. Its convenient location allows you to spend all day at the beach and all night taking in Lisbon’s nightlife.


portugal seafood dish

Portugal’s location on the Atlantic makes seafood a staple of the Portuguese diet. Dishes such as salted cod and seafood stews native to Portugal were traditionally mixed with spices from all over the world. Perhaps Portugal’s most famous contribution is a fortified wine called Port. Named after the Portuguese city Porto, Port is frequently served as a dessert wine. To get a feel for Portuguese cuisine we recommend trying  Carne à alentejana. This dish features clams, pork and potatoes combining several staples into one seamless dish. Complete your dinner with a glass of Port for the full experience.


Paláio Nacional de Sintra Palace Portugal

Portugal boasts of many famous tourist attractions and UNESO World Heritage locations such as Paláio Nacional de Sintra. This palace was originally a retreat for kings and queens and is famous for its gorgeous landscape.

For those that prefer a more active excursion, the cross border zipline in Alcoutim might be more your speed. This zipline carries you across the River Guadiana and into Spain at over 40 mph.

Apostille Courier Express

Whether you are traveling to Portugal for business or pleasure, you should make time to check out everything this beautiful country has to offer and trust Apostille Courier Express to help get your federal documents apostilled.


May Blogpost


3 Things NOT TO DO in Germany


Planning a trip to Germany? You will likely have the time of your life as long as you avoid the pitfalls of these cultural taboos:

Don’t leave your shoes on in your host’s house!

Many cultures have differing viewpoints on whether shoes can be worn in homes. Save yourself the potential embarrassment and assume German hosts want you to remove yours. You might even receive a pair of house slippers to use during your stay. Leaving your shoes on and tracking in dirt from the outside is a surefire way to be considered rude!

Don’t be late for a meeting!

Germans are known for being much more rigid with punctuality than people from other cultures. It is considered disrespectful to show up even a few minutes late. Tardiness will certainly be looked down upon so show up on time!

Avoid being impolite!

If you speak some German, remember to use the formal version of you "Sie" rather than the informal version ”du” unless speaking to a friend or a child. Also, small talk is generally uncommon for Germans so don’t feel the need to chat about the weather, however, do still remember to say please and thank you. Finally, it is considered extremely impolite to bring up Germany’s history of wars. This is generally considered a national embarrassment and is not a polite subject matter for discussion!

Navigating cultural differences can be difficult but also extremely rewarding! If you are planning a trip to Germany, focus on planning your itinerary, learning the language and culture and packing appropriately! Let Apostille Courier Express help make the apostille process simple.

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